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Healthy, Flavorful, Dehydrated Snacks

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Dehydrated Under 118°F

Dehydration preserves nutritional value while bringing out intense flavors.
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Fueling Adventure

Connect with the outdoors and feel your best with healthy, energizing snacks. 
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What's In Each Bag?

In-season ultra-high-quality ingredients with unique flavors and health history.

Natural Ingredients, Nothing Fake

Attention to detail is at the heart of Aspen Crunch's craft. We spend the extra time selecting in-season ultra high quality ingredients to ensure each bite has the perfect flavor profile.
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Hand Selected Premium In-Season Ingredients

No ingredient in our snacks is simply “off the shelf”.

Maui Gold

Extra-sweet pineapples, which contain inflammation fighting bromelain.

Black Mission Fig

Versatile and known for sweet caramel notes. Used in sweet and savory dishes.

Medjool Dates

Maple sweet with a low glycemic index which helps provide sustained energy.

Bronte Pistachios

The only pistachio grown in volcanic soil, giving a unique rich flavor.

Marcona Almonds

We sprout each almond to improve digestion. After drying, they're toasted for flavor.

Ataulfo Mango

Melt-in-your-mouth texture. Incredible flavor plus a great source of vitamins. 

Better For You And Much Better Tasting

Our snacks are dehydrated at under 118°F, which keeps their nutritional profile intact. Unlike baked and freeze-dried snacks you may find at the store, Aspen Crunch's dehydrated snacks preserve more nutrients and have incredibly intense flavors.
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A Story Behind Every Ingredient

25 premium ingredients we cook with at Aspen Crunch.
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Not Your Store-Bought Snack

Created with incredibly fresh and high-quality ingredients.
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Batch-Crafted At Under 118°F

Artisanal healthy snacks, dehydrated at under 118°F.
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Thanks For Visiting Us!

Hi! My name's Jack 👋. In 2011 I started Aspen Crunch from a high school class with the dream to cook the world's most unique, healthy, and gourmet snacks each and every day.

For every order placed, you can ensure I will be in the kitchen working hard to send you the highest quality snacks with the most amazing flavors. We hope you'll give us a try!