Q: How is Aspen Crunch made?

A: Developing a new recipe is an art and a science. Each Aspen Crunch product is carefully and thoughtfully created. We pair foods to create a unique taste, and we time our production perfectly, so you can get the most out of what you're eating. Aspen Crunch is like art. No two products are the same!


Q: What makes Aspen Crunch healthy?

A: Aspen Crunch's products are rich in vitamins. We specially craft our crunch to preserve all the nutritional value the fruits or vegetables contain.


Q: How can I provide feedback?

A: Please click on "contact us" to give us your valuable input. We want to hear what you think. Aspen Crunch has a strict policy: We only want happy customers!


Q: How can I sample Aspen Crunch?

A: Aspen Crunch encourages everyone to try our sample pack. Go ahead and give us a try. However, we will warn you, once you taste Aspen Crunch, you'll be hooked!


Q: Can I buy Aspen Crunch in stores?

A: Not quite yet. While Jack is away in school, we are only available at the Aspen Saturday Market. Come visit us!


Q: Why do you say Fueling Adventure?

A: Fueling Adventure is a statement of our philosophy. Aspen Crunch is an ultra light, highly nutritional snack. It is an ideal food for wherever your adventure may take you.