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Not Your Store-Bought Snack

Attention to detail is at the heart of Aspen Crunch's craft. We spend the extra time selecting in-season ultra high quality ingredients to ensure each bite of Aspen Crunch has the perfect flavor profile. Unlike baked and freeze-dried snacks you may find at the store, Aspen Crunch's dehydrated snacks preserve more nutrients and have incredibly intense flavors.

Deliciously tart and creamy acai bowl with low sweetness and a whole avocado to balance the fats in the bowl.

Refreshing Acai Bowl 

The recipe is a little breakfast treat to get your day started in the best way. Refrigerate for up to two weeks!

Energizing Morning Parfait

Traditional Apple Pie

All the essentials of a traditional apple pie, plus half a bag of Maroon Bells Booster for a tart addition to the filling.

This maple and cinnamon green tea, ginger apple cider recipe is a cozy drink on a cold winter day.

Heartwarming Apple Cider

Organic dehydrated fruits, nuts, and vegetables, each with a unique flavor and health story.

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Each gift brings together unique artisanal snacks all wrapped in an elegant, timeless finish.

We're inspired by adventure, crafting truly unique foods, and the health story of natural ingredients.

About Aspen Crunch

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Enhancing Lives Through Nutrition

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