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A Story Behind Each Ingredient

No ingredient in Aspen Crunch’s snacks is simply “off the shelf”. Instead, we hand select in-season ultra-high-quality ingredients from our global adventures for their unique flavors and health history. All of our fruit and vegetable snacks are dehydrated at under 118°F, which keeps their nutritional profile intact. So unlike baked and freeze-dried snacks you may find at the store, our dehydrated snacks preserve more nutrients and have incredibly intense flavors. 

Mountain Munch – Aspen Crunch's Mix of Global Flavors

Want to Sample Our Healthy Snacks?

We created the sample box as a way for our customers to try the unique and incredible flavors of Aspen Crunch before committing to a full order. Each sample box opens to Aspen Crunch's best selling snacks, including 1 pocket-size sample bag of Grizzly Lake Granola, Mountain Munch, Pyramid Peak Pineapple, and Rim Trail Recovery.

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Premium In-Season Fruit
Antioxidant Super Berries
Hearty Vegetables, Herbs, & Spices
Heart-Healthy Nuts & Seeds

Famous artisanal mix of unique international flavors. A vibrant snack made by premium in-season ingredients

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Mountain Munch

Pyramid Peak Pineapple

The world's sweetest pineapples. We look to Maui for gold pineapples grown for their ultra-ripe flavor.

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Rim Trail Recovery

Thinly sliced, ripe bananas made without sugars or oils at under 118°F, preserving nutrients and flavor.

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Sweet, hearty, cinnamon-spiced granola with hints of vanilla. One of Aspen Crunch’s most popular snacks.

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Grizzly Lake Granola

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Organic dehydrated fruits, nuts, and vegetables, each with a unique flavor and health story.

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Learn about fun, healthy foods to cook. See how Aspen Crunch can enhance your next meal.

We're inspired by adventure, crafting truly unique foods, and the health story of natural ingredients.

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