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Crater Lake Kale

Product image 1Crater Lake Kale – Aspen Crunch's Organic Kale Chips
Product image 2Crater Lake Kale – Aspen Crunch's Organic Kale Chips
Product image 3Crater Lake Kale – Aspen Crunch's Organic Kale Chips

Exclusively order at the Aspen Farmer's Market

Ingredients: organic kale, red bell pepper, cashew, lemon, chickpea miso, apple vinegar, garlic, spirulina.

Crater Lake Kale is crunchy and savory, made fresh each week with Colorado kale. Kale is one of the healthiest vegetables on earth. Kale is a superfood snack because it has more nutrients than other leafy greens. When people eat kale, they notice their cravings for empty calories decrease. Kale is filled with essential vitamins. These include: vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin K. Kale is also made of minerals like copper, potassium, iron, manganese, and phosphorus – a critical mineral used to maintain balance in the body. Our Crater Lake Kale is completely vegan and protein rich. Crater Lake Kale makes for a delicious salad topping, sandwich layer, or everyday healthy snacking.

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