The Perfect Summer Saturday in Aspen

Whether you’re a long-time resident of Aspen or just visiting for the summer, surely you’ve noticed that there’s no shortage of fun ways to spend your time. With so many amazing outdoor activities and local community events, it can be hard to decide how to spend your time, especially if you’re just visiting! As self-proclaimed Aspen experts, here’s our suggestion for the perfect Saturday in Aspen :)

Take a morning hike up the Rim Trail for exercise and meditate at the yin and yang at the top to catch world-class views of Snowmass for sunrise.

After your hike, grab a coffee at Local Coffee House, where you’ll find locally roasted coffee with a craft atmosphere. They also serve delicious breakfast - we recommend the Green Machine Panini or the Farm Boy Breakfast.

With coffee in hand, walk a few blocks to the Aspen Saturday Market where you’ll find local farmers and artisans selling products that are totally unique to Aspen! Pick up some yummy food for a picnic lunch, and visit us at the Aspen Crunch booth for some nutritious, adventure-fueling snacks!

After exploring the market, wander up to Crater Lake (maybe with some of our Crater Lake Kale) for a closer view of the razor snow-capped peaks of the Bells. Set up a picnic at the lake and enjoy the beautiful scenery!

Wind the day down by visiting John Denver Sanctuary to embrace the spirit of Aspen and walk along the Rio Grande for soothing flowing water sounds.

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