The Aspen Crunch Story

A father and son dynamic duo launched Aspen Crunch from Aspen's world famous Main Street Bakery. In 2011, as the two sat at a window table enjoying their favorite breakfast, they brainstormed ideas that could make a positive change in their community. Aspen Crunch's founders both saw a problem with the lack of available options for healthy snacking. At the time, it felt like all the options on the shelves had misleading and processed ingredients. Frustrated, the founders ordered their first dehydrator, named "Broccoli" after their first test run, and soon after launched Aspen Crunch at the Aspen Farmer's Market.

Aspen Crunch has a couple saying that represents our mission. The first is enhancing lives through nutrition. Aspen Crunch's snacks are created by using fresh organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, and gluten-free gain ingredients. All of Aspen Crunch's ingredients tell a meaningful story that we love to share with our wonderful customers.

For instance, famous amongst Aspen Crunch fans is our Mountain Munch Including 10 unique ingredients, Mountain Munch is a selection of international flavors from Turkish Figs to Spanish Almonds and Maui Gold Pineapples, combined to create flavor harmony. 

The founders knew they also wanted their idea to serve as a platform for teaching young entrepreneurial-spirited students about launching and running a startup. The second saying that represents our mission is inspiring young entrepreneurs. Aspen Crunch was founded by a teenage entrepreneur with a community of support. We've seen the power of an entrepreneurial education from an early age. Each year Aspen Crunch's founders work with high school student interns where we aim to teach them startup skills like project management, food product development, company operations, and sharing our story with farmer's market customers.

In 2013, the founders coauthored a book called One Bite at a Time. Aspen Crunch, One Bite at a Time is a story of about a teenage son and his father connecting through entrepreneurship. Together, they journeyed through the creative process of starting a small business of making healthy snacks for their local customers. Written from two perspectives, father and son, One Bite at a Time will inspire parents, kids, and professionals. One Bite at a Time captures relationships, entrepreneurship, innovation, and opportunity for everyone.

More than ever, entrepreneurship is relevant in today’s world, a world where the traditional models that we cling to such as top-down management, bottom-up design, institutional financing and extensive higher-level education are imploding. It’s not one system, one person, or one culture that’s causing problems; it’s how these problems are manifesting. Only with faith in ourselves and our ability to be creative in our solutions will we see the changes in humanity that are so desperately needed.

Lucia Weihe, J.D., M.B | Excerpt, One Bite at a Time

Aspen Crunch was created to promote healthy eating, active lifestyles, and inspire other young entrepreneurs. Inspiring young entrepreneurs is Aspen Crunch's mission. 

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