Occasions to Give a Gift

At Aspen Crunch, gifting is definitely our love language 🎁. Whether it’s a small little something to let someone know you’re thinking of them, or a big grand gesture, here are 7 great reasons to give a gift:
  1. To mark a special occasion - birthdays, holidays, promotions *
  2. “Just because,” to treat someone you love *
  3. To thank a client for their business
  4. To welcome someone visiting or renting your home
  5. To get back on someone’s good side
  6. To thank a teacher for all that they do *
  7. To show up your siblings at Christmas 😉

*We did a poll on our Instagram stories yesterday to see why our followers gift. The reasons marked with asterisks are the ones that received the most “yes” votes, meaning they are the most common reasons our followers gift!

Our collection of artisan dehydrated snack gift bags, boxes and baskets are the perfect gift for family, friends, teachers and clients. Coming soon!

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