Hand Crafted Healthy Snacks

At Aspen Crunch, our process is pretty simple. Healthy ingredients, dehydrated, packaged and sold fresh. No funny business, just healthy snacks for an active community!
Here’s how we do it:

| Sourcing Ingredients |

We source local organic fruits and vegetables fresh each week, organic nuts and berries, as well as mouth-watering Maui Gold Pineapples flown in all the way from Maui. Our snacks are vegan, gluten, and dairy free. 

| Dehydration |

Most of our products, with the exception of our Grizzly Lake granola which is baked, are cooked using the process of dehydration. Dehydration allows us to cook the fruits and veggies at a low temperature, which intensifies flavors and preserves nutrients. 

| Pairing Flavors |

We pair foods on a molecular level to enhance flavors. Our Mountain Munch contains dehydrated strawberry, mango, pineapple, and apple, paired with Turkish figs, Spanish almonds, goji berries, coconut, and more to create perfect flavor harmony. 

| Packaging |

After we’ve crafted everything to perfection, we precisely weigh out and bag the snacks, then seal it up for safety and freshness.

| Aspen Farmers Market |

Then we deliver each week’s fresh batch straight to you at the Aspen Farmers Market! We’re there every Saturday, where you can sample our snacks and learn all about the process and the story behind the ingredients. For our customers who aren’t local to Aspen, we also sell online! You can find all our snacks here.

| Enjoy! |

Then it’s time for the most important step: enjoy! Enjoy Aspen Crunch as a healthy snack on-the-go, take us with you on your next adventure, or pour it out in a bowl for your guests to enjoy. Simple ingredients, simple process, healthy snacks ready for you to enjoy!

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