Food as Art - Plus NEW Snacks!

When making new snacks, we like to put on our finest French beret (a not so fancy hairnet works too 😂) and express our inner van Gogh 🎨. 
Every snack we create has a thoughtful combination of ingredients for a unique and diverse flavor profile. When creating a new snack, we go through dozens of combinations before finding the perfect one! It’s like finding the perfect notes for a song 🎵, or just the right colors for a painting.
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We’ve been cooking up some new snack ideas, and we’d love to know what you think about them! After all, we make our snacks for you, so we want to make sure you love them 😊. Let us know in the comments down below! We’re excited to get some new things cooking!
  • Apple Cinnamon Hot Cider - this is where we grind down our cinnamon apple snack to a powder, which can go in hot water
  • Maroon Bells Booster apple, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, orange, and banana crushed into a crumble to sprinkle atop cereal, yogurt, ice cream, and cupcakes.
  • Coco Banana 
  • Blood Orange Citrus Mix
  • Aspen Crunch CBD Snacks
  • Aspen Crunch BBQ Rubs: dried herbs and spices crumbled to put on fish, shellfish, meats, and veggies
  • Aspen Crunch Salad Dressings: mixed dried herbs and spices - just add oil, vinegars, mustard etc. 
  • Aspen Crunch Energy Bites

NEW! Customer Advisory Club

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We’d love your feedback as we continue to test out new recipes, and as a member of our Customer Advisory Club you’ll get to have a continued hand in the creation of our new snack.  You’ll also get a sneak peek and exclusive discounts before our new snack launches! 
Click here if you’d like to join, and welcome to the club!

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