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Holiday Gifting With Aspen Crunch

Halloween is over so that means it’s officially time to get in the Holiday spirit, right?
Nov 5, 2022
by Aspen Crunch

The Perfect Gift

Halloween is over so that means it’s officially time to get in the Holiday spirit, right? 😉 If you’re anything like us, you like to get your holiday shopping started early 🎁 so we’ve put together a few Aspen Crunch gift options this season. They’re the perfect gift for your grandma, your mom, your sister... heck it's even perfect for your grandpa, your dad, and your brother... while we're at it, let's treat our friends, family, partners, teachers, kids, and clients too!

Gift a Small Piece of Aspen

Aspen Crunch gift boxes are a unique, flavorful, snack, that tastes great, looks beautiful and provides many nutritional benefits. Gift a small piece of Aspen with flavorful artisanal snacks for your house guests, clients, friends or family.

Each gift box opens to a 3 oz sample bag of carefully picked healthy and rich in flavor ingredients artfully dehydrated to perfection. The sample bag is neatly packed with recycled tissue paper, and the gift box is completed with a matte-white finish and gold foil stamping. 

Hosting a Holiday Party This Season?

You and your guests will love Aspen Crunch's new gift bags. Aspen Crunch makes the perfect unique gift that will shock your guests when they sample the rich flavors of thinly sliced sweet pineapple, savory roasted almonds, and tart antioxidant super-berries. Attention to detail is at the heart of Aspen Crunch's craft. We spend the extra time selecting in-season ultra high quality ingredients to ensure each bite of Aspen Crunch has the perfect flavor profile.

Each gift bag opens to between 1 and 3 full-size bags of Aspen Crunch. The Aspen Crunch is neatly packed within a matte-white gift bag with snowflake white and luscious red tissue paper stuffing, neatly finished with a luxurious gold and honeycrisp red bow.
If you believe that eating healthy can make a big impact on the way you feel, consider buying yourself an Aspen Crunch snack. 
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